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Hi! I am Ela Corcoran and I am a Bob Proctor LifeSuccess Consultant. I have conducted MasterMind Study Groups on "Think and Grow Rich", a masterpiece by Napoleon Hill, in person and via teleconferences.

Reading this book alone is a very rewarding process. But to study the book in conjunction with a Bob Proctor's guide is something else. Bob is someone who has been reading the book for nearly 50 years and is currently one of the highest paid coaches in the world. book is every bit as valid today as it was 75 years ago and the comprehensive program of study that Bob has evolved through his years of studying the book, is quite simply priceless.

If you want to achieve Quantum Leap Success in all areas of your life, consider to join our next FIVE Week INTENSIVE Study live MasterMind Group.

Think and Grow Rich Study Group

Start Date: May 22, 2013

Every Wednesday, 7 - 8:30 PM

Anaheim Hills


Early registration is advised due to the

very high popularity of this class in the past.

Download flyer here.

Registration Fee - $10  


The history behind the book: After studying five hundred highly successful and powerful individuals, Mr. Hill discovered a common denominator of success between each individual and reveals this formula through the 13 principles outlined in the book.

How it WILL work for you: By applying these 13 principles you will begin to identify the ways in which you may be limiting yourself in achieving a higher level of success; financially, relationally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. By studying TAGR following Bob's study guide, I can positively assure you that your level of awareness will be increased by at least ten fold. And, you will learn how to fully use the tools you already have... and enjoy more harmony, joy, inner peace and success.

Recommended: Purchase a copy of the book Think and Grow Rich (original version, ISBN#1593302002). You can order this book on The study guide refers to this version's page numbers.  

If you would like to benefit from this empowering

Study Group on Think And Grow Rich ...


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More Testimonials

Studying and discussing Think and Grow Rich within Ela’s group exemplified and put into action the model of the Mastermind group.   While studying TAGR by oneself is great, having a group dedicated to discussing it together makes the lessons and wisdom within the book even more powerful. Thanks Ela, for taking the time and effort to arrange the study group! 

Dan, AZ

Ela did a wonderful job sharing her knowledge to all of us and The book was fantastic!! I will read it many more times. I definitely got real progress in my business and personal life. Thank you!

Toshie Hayakawa


"I really enjoyed the class and the mastermind experience. It was a great way to connect with people that I would never have had the opportunity of connecting with. Being able to share thoughts, stories, and experiences, and different perspectives was fantastic.

 At first I thought 10 weeks would be a long time, but soon found out that there is so much great material in TAGR that you could study it for a life time. For me, the chapter on Faith was extremely important, and I realized that it is not only important to have a desire, but to have a belief or faith in ones self to make it happen."


What the study group gave me was the understanding of how important it is to solidify your goals into your sub conscious by reading them daily.  Up until this point I  did not understand that importance.  And since that chapter have realized some goals coming to fruition that have been in my subconscious for approximately 41/2  years.

This group also allowed me to see why Gratitude is so important for without Gratitude all is wasted.  We have to thank the powers that be for what we expect to come to us in the future. 

Thirdly, Now I know it is o.k. to burn bridges.  By burning bridges we are able to allow bigger and better things to come our way.  When we stop trying to control our outcome and just let it happen it does all on its own.  But if we keep the bridges there as a safety net, we are just not ready to allow things to happen for us.

I thank you for helping me to sew up some of the pieces for a better understanding of what I have been knowing and studying for so long.  I truly am blessed to have met you.

Catherine, Greenland, NH

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Thank you Ela for guiding me through Think and Grow Rich. I have read this book many times. Not until, I went through this book with you, did I finally understand what I was missing. I am now aware that I was born with a poverty consciousness and that the only way to over come that, is through repetition of these principles. You have clarified my thinking and you made a profound impact on my study in this area. I appreciate you and your wisdom.

God Bless you,


Los Angeles, CA

I loved participating in the Master Mind group with Ela where we studied Think and Grow Rich. She led the group very effectively and we learned a lot from each other as we all were both Giving and Receiving…..I could not recommend it any higher….Go For it.

Alf Marcussen,

San Francisco, CA

"Being a part of the first TAGR group was quite an experience!  I felt some of the best parts about it were the reinforcement received from others in the group along the way and the fact that a weekly call kept me on track both in mindset and actions.  I got a lot out of it and it was great to contribute in order to add to the rest of the groups' experience.   It was a very positive experience and I definitely recommend it!"

Lisa Secco, CO


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the MasterMind Group and
studying Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  This book has helped me
break out of the past with negative emotions and focus on influencing the subconscious
with positive emotions.  

Being an entrepreneur, I have never read such an inspiring and rewarding book that will help me GROW RICH spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally. Thank you for your support and professional manner in which you conducted the meetings.

Debbie Gigliotti,

Pittsburgh, PA

Wanted you to know how much I appreciated this class, and how much I got out of it.  I'm using it successfully to achieve some key goals in my career. 

Will look forward to whatever class or group you decide to lead next.  You're an inspiration.  Thank you!!!

Veronica, CA

Dear Ela,

Thank you for organizing and leading our TAGR Master Mind group. I was hesitant to join at first because I already read the book. I am so glad that I made time for it. You provided insights that I didn’t tap into when I read the book on my own. This has been a valuable investment of my time. As a matter of fact, you inspired me to read the book again. I believe we should read the book at least once a year to be reminded of how wonderful we truly are and to be inspired and excited to evaluate and achieve our goals.

Thank you too, to the other members of our Master Mind group. It was great to study a very important subject matter with like-minded people. May we all Think and Grow Rich!

Love & Abundance,



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